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Service Meets Convenience, 'Low Rate Live' .
Written by Grant Miller on Mar. 5th 2018
Self Service, is that what CONSUMERS want? maybe, maybe not. I know when I'm needing something as important as auto insurance I like an expert to guide me through the process...
...And I think that's what most people want. Informed buyers that is. and let's face it, an uninformed insurance customer is a recipe for disaster. 

Not only is it a recipe for disaster served cold to the insured in the event they actually need to make a claim, but it's a recipe for disaster for the agency who wrote the policy of the uninformed client as well. 

Every agent who has been in the business more than ten minutes has experienced the "you didn't tell me" customer and the "I asked for that *insert item the customer definitely didn't ask for*" customer. 

And, let's face it, that's the agent's fault. Unless a customer is flat out lying (which I dare say is a rare scenario), the agent didn't get the message across. 

I believe this is a problem bred by a society of Do-It-Yourselfers
But insurance isn't something any client should do themselves unless they are well read in the intricacies of an insurance policy (which is also rare). 

So instead, Low Rate Insurance Agency does things a little different. At Low Rate the standard is a video communication system, Virtual Office Mobile.

Virtual Office Mobile is a platform that combines all the tools needed to conduct an insurance transaction online, but allows an agent to provide the expertise that makes them, well, experts. 

Virtual Office Mobile combines video chat to help earn the trust of a client and improve communication. The little things get lost over the phone and through email.

At Low Rate, they also need property inspections from time to time. For this it's as easy as the customer turning the camera around and the agent snapping photos or taking video. It's then stored neatly in the client file.

In addition, an agent can screen share to present proposals, exchange documents through an exchange folder in real time, send and receive scanned documents which are scanned using the mobile device for quick access to documents on both sides of the transaction.

Virtual Office Mobile also allows Low Rate Insurance Agency to accept payments in two steps because there is a payment method attached to the client app. 

Not to mention the built in affiliate dashboard which allows real estate agents, brokers and dealerships to easily send referrals for insurance policies to be closed within 10-15 minutes AND the referring party receives credit for the referral because they send clients using a custom referral link or code.

The whole transaction can be recorded and stored to the client folder so there is never a question of what was discussed during the sale.

With recording, video chat, payments, screen sharing, mobile scanning, real time documents exchange and document storage that the client has access to at any time, you can see how Low Rate Insurance is able to provide the expertise that makes an agent valuable while maintaining the convenience that today's consumers expect.

All-in-all Low Rate Insurance has stumbled upon an ideal way to serve clients, provide convenience and reduce their liability while doing what insurance agents do...Protecting the assets of the client.

If you're interested in a trial of Virtual Office Mobile, it will be available June 13th. It's currently in Beta but will be fully released at the 2018 IIAT Annual Conference in San Antonio. The release will be limited. They expect to only accept between 250 and 500 agents in 2018.

Looking for a tool that will establish you as an expert while protecting yourself and your client? Maybe even something that will make your agency look a little more savvy than the other guy? You ought to take notice of what Low Rate Insurance is doing.

(This blog will be updated with a link to Virtual Office Mobile's website when available).

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About Author: Grant Miller

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